First Course: Minted Beet Napoleons

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Sweet, velvet-red beets layered with a cream reminiscent of goat cheese flavored with a sexy scintilla of mint is a suggestive way to start your Valentine’s Day dinner. This “Napoleon” is beautiful to behold and just a touch cheeky, showing that you’re ready to indulge your Valentine in a romantic evening full of surprises.

Call in the "Green Monster" to Kick Start Your Day

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Leafy greens provide so many health benefits, from bone strength to brain power – why not start your day with them? Packed with an array of phytochemicals, this bright green smoothie lands a powerful punch of plant-based nutrients. Whether you’re a seasoned green smoothie lover, or adding greens to your smoothie for the first time, you’ll love the fresh flavor of the Green Monster.

Rethinking Holiday Foods Part I: Feast of the Seven Fishes Soup

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We all have our favorite holiday foods, the once-a-year treats we look forward to every holiday season. Maybe it’s your aunt’s sweet potato casserole, your mother’s feast of the seven fishes or your sister’s death by chocolate. This month we revisit these three holiday classics and offer up newer versions that are decidedly delicious and happily nutritious.

Rethinking Holiday Foods Part II: Sweet Potato Pie Two Ways

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Every family seems to have their own version of a sweet potato casserole and it usually involves brown sugar and a cloyingly sweet topping of marshmallows. Here we present two versions, both very much geared to the adult palate, but with flavors so yummy kids will go for them too. Both feature a spiral arrangement of thinly sliced sweet potatoes and turnips which looks pretty, and the addition of the turnips cuts some of the overwhelming sweetness. To this ribbon of festive color we add two distinctly different, but equally delicious flavor profiles.

Stomach Soother: Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

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With its nutty flavor and creamy texture, Jerusalem Artichoke Soup feels like an indulgence, but it disguises myriad health benefits in each velvety spoonful. This unusual fall tuber doesn’t turn many heads at the farmer’s market – it looks something like a gnarly potato – and while it won’t win a beauty contest, it does make an irresistible fall soup.

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