Mind Body Spirit Release™: Intention-Based Energy Clearing for Profound Positive Change

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Mind Body Spirit Release™ (MBSR™) is a method of identifying and releasing stuck or imbalanced energy in the body. Developed by Tracy Southwick at Heights of Health in Houston, TX, MBSR facilitates the release of negative energy patterns we’ve embodied from negative experiences, emotions and trauma, to facilitate comprehensive mind-body healing.

The Truth About Toxins

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One of the foundations for optimal health is to reduce exposure to environmental toxins because they can interfere with proper cellular functions and damage DNA. Reducing exposure and improving detoxification of environmental toxins is vital to help the body heal … Read More

Love Your Liver

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Summer is an amazing time to appreciate the abundance of nature. Whether one is indulging in the bounty of summer harvests or cookouts, it’s the perfect time to take some time for self care. We recommend focusing on liver restoring … Read More

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