Optimize Your Microbiome

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optimize your gut microbiome

The makeup of one’s microbiome heavily influences many aspects of health. Today, we’re talking about why keeping a healthy gut microbiome balance is important.


What’s a probiotic?

You’ve heard the term countless times. What exactly is it? A probiotic is a type of bacteria that is beneficial to us. The gut microbes we typically talk about colonize the small and large intestines.


Why do we love probiotics?
  • Probiotics are the ‘good’ bacteria that help to keep the ‘bad’ ones at bay. 
  • A healthy gut microbiome can help improve mucosal barrier function in the intestines, which is vital for healing leaky gut syndrome.
  • Over 70% of your entire immune system sits right outside your thin gut lining. A healthy gut microbiome can help strengthen and balance your intestinal mucosal immune system.
  • Certain probiotic strains can actually produce beneficial nutrients for us. For instance, some Lactococcus lactis strains have the ability to produce vitamin K2. 


Does diversity matter?

Yes! Be mindful that a ‘good’ probiotic is only good when levels are kept in check by a diverse population of other probiotics. When one or just a few strains gain dominance, dysbiosis can arise and cause various health issues.


What are probiotic-rich foods?
  • Active-culture yogurt
  • Miso
  • Fermented vegetables
  • Kefir
  • Kimchi
  • Kombucha*
  • Sauerkraut
  • Beet kvass

*Kombucha isn’t for everyone. Find out why here.


Probiotic supplements we recommend**
  • Essential Formula by Dr. Ohhira – Made up of various prebiotics and probiotic strains, this formula targets healthy nutrient absorption and immune health. We recommend taking 2 softgels daily.
  • Ortho Biotic – Containing 3 billion colony forming units (CFU) of Saccharomyces boullardii, Orthobiotic can help combat yeast overgrowth and maintain gastrointestinal balance.
  • Daily Flora Immune – Dr. Morrison has curated a powerful blend of probiotic strains to strengthen the immune system and specifically target respiratory health. We suggest taking 1 capsule daily.
  • TruBifidoPro Professional – This blend of 5 Bifidobacteria strains works to support regularity, immunity, and colon health. We suggest taking 1 capsule at night.

Be aware, individuals at certain stages of gut healing actually do better without supplemental probiotics; consult with your integrative health practitioner to determine what is best for you. 


Curious about your gut microbiome health?

Our team of integrative practitioners is happy to help you examine the health status of your gut microbiome, and the best foods and supplements to rebalance it. Call our office to find out more: 212-989-9828.


**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat or cure any disease.