On October 1, 2019 The Morrison Center’s email and communication policy will change.

As part of our ongoing commitment to safeguard the private information of our patients, we have decided that going forward, we will no longer send or receive unencrypted patient email communication, including text messages. From now on, email/text communications with patients will occur through The Morrison Center’s Online Patient Portal, exclusively.

Please do not email directly with The Morrison Center, unless you have received written permission to do so.

If you have not done so previously, please sign up for your patient portal by clicking here.

In an effort to ensure that we continue to provide the most effective and efficient care possible, we ask that you focus email communication to the following matters and requests:

  • Prescription refills
  • Routine follow-up appointments
  • Laboratory results
  • Scheduling information
  • Questions for staff

Our policy is to return all patient portal communication within two business days, whenever possible. Medical issues of a time-sensitive or urgent nature should be addressed by calling our office directly at 212-989-9828 or calling 911 in an emergency.

We also ask that you include a title in the subject line of your messages: “prescription”, “follow-up inquiry”, laboratory results”, “scheduling information”, and “staff questions”.

Please note that The Morrison Center cannot diagnose your medical conditions from email or other written communications.

Disclaimer: The Morrison Center is not responsible for communication messages that are lost due to technical failure during composition, transmission, or storage.

Thank you for being understanding of this process.