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Getting to Know PEMF
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Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a topical treatment that has the ability to reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage, and even relax the nervous system. Let’s take a look at how this remarkable therapy can be … Read More

How Does Dr. M De-Stress?
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The Morrison Center has helped thousands of patients achieve their health goals by combatting both physical and emotional stressors. But how does someone who helps others de-stress deal with his own stress? Dr. Morrison discusses a few of his methods … Read More

A Fresh Look at How Stress Affects Your Health
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Here at The Morrison Center, we talk a lot about stress, adrenal fatigue, impaired metabolic processes, hormone imbalances, and immune regulation. All of these conditions can be tied to one powerful glucocorticoid hormone called cortisol, also known as the stress … Read More

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