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Unpacking Parasites
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While the movie was spectacular, the word “parasite” can be rather terrifying. Parasitic infections are actually something we uncover quite often here at The Morrison Center, so today we’re unpacking some knowledge about this buggy problem. Close to home Contrary … Read More

Dr. M’s Travel Essentials: Supplement Edition
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Here’s a sneak peek at which supplements Dr. Morrison just can’t leave behind when he travels.   Immune Support Buffered Vitamin C. Traveling can take a toll on the immune system, which is why boosting vitamin C levels is important … Read More

Protect Yourself During Lyme Season
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This is a gentle reminder that we’ve entered Lyme season.  With the warm weather picking up, a lot of us are spending more time outdoors and that means we need to be careful about ticks. Read on to learn how … Read More

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