The Truth About Toxins

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the truth about toxins

One of the foundations for optimal health is to reduce exposure to environmental toxins because they can interfere with proper cellular functions and damage DNA. Reducing exposure and improving detoxification of environmental toxins is vital to help the body heal and become more resilient.



The quality of the food we eat daily is one of the most important factors related to our wellbeing. Modern day agriculture has increased our exposure to heavy metals, molds, pesticides, plastics, and other toxins. Every year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) puts out their Dirty Dozen list of not-so-clean produce that tend to test highest for levels of pesticides. We recommend buying organic-only when shopping for items on that list. 



Our bodies are mostly made up of water, therefore the quality of the water we drink is essential. Ideally, spring water is best. If you don’t have that option, opt for thoroughly filtered water free of contaminants and toxins (i.e. heavy metals, microbes, chemicals, etc). We recommend using water that has been filtered via ion exchange or charcoal filters. When purchasing bottled water, stick to brands that utilize glass containers and keep their perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) levels under 1 part per trillion (ppt). Check out the lists at Consumer Reports as a guide for your next bottled water purchase. The Berkey filter is a good option.



No matter where you live, various factors can affect air quality: construction/renovations, water damage, smoke, industrial plants, dense population, pollution, etc. Standard air purifiers don’t cut it when trying to filter toxins from the air we breathe. We recommend purifiers with high-quality HEPA filters, like those from AirDoctor or Dyson.



Whether it’s lotion on the skin, detergent for the clothes, or mattresses you sleep on, all of these household items have the potential to carry and pass on chemicals that are absorbable through the skin or respiratory tract. The EWG’s databases offer amazing tools to help you determine if your household products contain as few toxins as possible. You can check your cosmetics, cleaning products, and personal care products on their databases to determine how safe they are for you to use.


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