Eating Seasonally and Locally

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As health coaches, we’re often asked, “What is the best way to eat?” Really, the answer is simple when you break it down to what Mother Nature provides. Eating locally grown, seasonal vegetables and fruits offers nutrition that’s perfectly in balance with the season.

Natural Protection Against Mosquito Bites

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We all love summer – the outdoor fun, backyard barbecues, the longer days that close with a lightshow of fireflies. Yet nothing interferes with a good time more than biting insects! To prevent these pests from ruining your summer, consider these repellents – some natural, others essential.

Shedding Light on Vitamin D

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You have all heard it before: Stay out of the sun, use 30 SPF sunblock, and apply copious amounts of it.

For the most part, I do encourage patients to avoid excessive exposure to the sun; the risks of skin cancers, premature skin aging, and wrinkles are a real threat. On the other hand, I also deal with how the lack of sunlight affects patients on a daily basis.

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