More Energy. Better Skin. Weight Loss. Clear Thinking. Maximum Performance.

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More Energy. Better Skin. Weight Loss. Clear Thinking. Maximum Performance.


At The Morrison Center, our staff and patients just completed a group Daily Benefit® Spring Detox challenge. Here’s what happened:

Measurable Results
Everyone lowered the score on their symptom survey by 50-60%, which is consistent with the results we published in our peer-reviewed journal article. Everyone experienced:

  • More energy
  • Better focus
  • Weight loss

Individual participants reported:

  • Better sleep
  • Reduction in headaches and migraines
  • Decrease in nighttime hunger
  • Loss of cravings for unhealthy foods

Building Healthy Habits
Participants changed habits that have held them back for years, and replaced unhealthy snacks, mindless eating, and empty calories with nutrient-dense whole foods.

How does the Daily Benefit® program work?
Dr. Morrison’s Daily Benefit® program includes a satisfying, anti-inflammatory meal plan, nutritious protein shakes and supportive supplemental nutrients. Watch Dr. Morrison’s introductory video and read about the program here.

Ready to jump right in? Our 10 Day Daily Benefit® Set and 30 Day Daily Benefit® Set come with a program booklet to guide you through your program toward better health.

Looking to make your detox easier and more effective? Consider working with one of our Health Coaches.

Our Health Coaches will provide you with:

  • Recipe ideas
  • An individualized approach: little tweaks that make the program work best for you
  • Ongoing support through phone, email and video chat
  • Organizational tips that make it easy to accomplish the detox with a busy lifestyle
  • Personalized supplement recommendations based on your needs

Question? Not sure if a detox is right for you? Call us at 212-989-9828 or email one of our Health Coaches.