Shake Off Winter With a Spring Detox

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Shake Off Winter With a Spring Detox


It’s finally warming up in New York, which means it’s time for our annual 10-day group detox! And by ‘group,’ we mean US and YOU! We at TMC look forward to our yearly staff + patient detox, starting this year on May 1st!

Why detox?

We naturally eat more and put on a few extra pounds during the winter. It keeps us warm! Now that spring is officially here, it’s the perfect time for a seasonal detox to help ease the transition into a diet and lifestyle more attuned to warmer weather: lighter, fresh food to energize and invigorate us while helping the body to clear out toxins and release excess weight.

What do I need to do?

The Daily Benefit® Detox program has three main components:

Personalized support

Did you know that we have two amazing nutritionists on staff to help you succeed on your detox and beyond? They’re available for individual appointments to help tailor the detox program specifically for your tastes, preferences, and lifestyle. They’ll make sure you’re enjoying plenty of delicious food, seeing results, and they’ll help you design a sustainable long-term plan to stay healthy and fit year-round. Call or email us to link up with one of our integrative nutritionists and get your detox on!

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