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We are pleased to announce the availability of the NeuroRecover treatment program at The Morrison Center. NeuroRecover is an innovative program that rapidly assists the body in restoring neuroreceptor function to an optimal level. Once neuroreceptor functions have healed, cravings for addictive substances are lessened and memory, enthusiasm and energy are restored.

“When I was first informed about this cutting-edge program, I was extremely intrigued and excited. After talking it through with Dr. Morrison, I was more than excited to try it and I’m glad I did. Immediately following the program, I felt amazing; truly uplifted with tremendous mental clarity.  Now, after three weeks, I couldn’t be happier with the initial results and look forward to the continued positive effects.” – J.F.

The NeuroRecover program utilizes patient-specific amino acid preparations for intravenous infusion, coupled with oral supplements to manage symptoms both during treatment and as ongoing support to reduce cravings.

NeuroRecover represents the pioneering work of Dr. William Hitt, the first scientist to develop effective treatment using specific amino acid formulations to address the underlying neurochemical cause of dependence and addiction. Begun with research in the 1980s, it has proven to be an extremely effective and comprehensive drug treatment option.

NeuroRecover rebalances the brain’s neurotransmitters affected by all classes of drugs, including:

Anxiety drugs (Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, etc.)
Heroin and Methadone
Insomnia drugs
Narcotics (pain drugs)
Stimulants and ADHD drugs

Q: How does dependence occur?

A: Alcohol and mood-altering drugs (prescription or illegal) work by artificially mimicking, stimulating or suppressing the action of neurotransmitters.

Different drugs affect different neurotransmitters and their receptors. Continued use of these substances can gradually decrease the brain cells’ natural ability to send or receive signals. The nervous system then becomes physically dependent on the substance, relying on it to maintain feelings of normalcy and avoid withdrawal.

The drugs or alcohol have dug their own hole, which now only they can fill. These substances easily alter the brain, which is not designed for this type of prolonged or heavy chemical exposure.

The brain develops very slowly during childhood and adolescence in a carefully balanced way, and these substances throw off that important balance. In order to heal the damaging effects of drugs, the brain requires adequate quantities of amino acids from protein. NeuroRecover provides these building blocks in patient-specific IV infusions.

Q: How does NeuroRecover work?

A: NeuroRecover amino acid therapy directly addresses the chemical changes that drugs or alcohol have caused in the brain.

Brain cells send signals to one another using a variety of chemicals called neurotransmitters, like dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. A neurotransmitter emitted by one cell is picked up by specialized receptors on neighboring cells.

NeuroRecover intravenous amino acid formulas supply specific combinations of amino acids that have been observed to assist the brain’s natural healing processes, bringing about rapid restoration of brain function with minimal withdrawal symptoms, even when stopping current drugs or alcohol abruptly. The NeuroRecover formulas were developed over twenty years of clinical use. In most cases, NeuroRecover brought about major improvement in symptoms of drug and alcohol dependence in a seven-to-ten-day period, a process that would otherwise take months or years to occur (if at all).

Q: Is NeuroRecover safe?

A: Yes, NeuroRecover is a non-addictive intervention based on over 15 years of treatment of more than 3,000 patients.

Because NeuroRecover formulas are composed entirely of natural, simple amino acids—the building blocks of protein—and an enzyme cofactor, they are inherently very safe. You will be monitored during the entire treatment to prevent unwanted reactions.

Q: Will the effect last?

A: NeuroRecover combines patient-specific IV formulas with oral supplements to provide long-lasting results

You can expect the positive effects of NeuroRecover treatment to be long-lasting, provided one refrains from using the same substances again. An oral supplement program works in concert with the IV program for continued brain balancing. Repeat IV booster treatments are sometimes needed, and are useful to enhance results.

Q: What is missing in the conventional treatment of drug and alcohol dependence?

A: A method of addressing the underlying chemical changes in the brain that the drugs or alcohol have caused.

Conventional recommendations for substance addiction include abstinence, psychological support and switching to alternative drugs in hopes that the brain will gradually recover on its own from the chemical dependency.

While some degree of brain healing will usually occur after decreasing or discontinuing drug or alcohol use, very often the natural healing is minimal, and the person suffers with continuing emptiness, anxiety, depression, insomnia, cravings, pain, brain fog and/or fatigue. NeuroRecover fills this gap in the conventional treatment model.

Q: How is NeuroRecover given?

A: NeuroRecover involves 7-10 consecutive days of intravenous treatment.

The IV formula is given as a slow drip, requiring about eight hours each day for the first few days, and often fewer hours towards the final days of treatment. The length of treatment can vary in order to achieve optimal, lasting results.

Prolonged daily exposure to high levels of amino acids allows the patient to safely stop using drugs or alcohol completely, with few exceptions, on the first day of treatment. While some withdrawal symptoms are often felt, most patients find it much easier with the assistance of the amino acids. Patients find that the major negative effects of drug or alcohol use, such as cravings and anxiety, are gone by the fourth to the sixth day of treatment. The second phase of restoration takes over at this point, and the patient often regains their enthusiasm, memory, mental clarity, sleep quality and energy.

“I was highly skeptical before I started treatment that NeuroTherapy would be able to cure me of my addiction to prescription medication. Going through eight hour days was manageable because The Morrison’s Center staff was so attentive. After the first week I began experiencing feelings of euphoria and this was extremely encouraging because it had been so long since I’d felt happy for no reason. During the second week my mental condition got even better. It was amazing to feel that my life was not going to be tied to my addiction. I still work on overcoming the problems that led me to needing this treatment, but in my opinion NeuroTherapy treatment is the closest thing to an immediate cure for people struggling with addictions. I cannot strongly enough encourage people fighting a similar battle to take the chance and get this treatment…it will change your life!” – M.H.

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