Neural Therapy: A treatment for pain and chronic illness

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Neural Therapy: A treatment for pain and chronic illness


We’re pleased to add Neural Therapy to our list of services for treating pain and chronic illness. Used widely in Europe, neural therapy has a long history of bringing relief to people who suffer chronic conditions such as hormonal imbalance, migraine headaches, musculoskeletal pain, and chronic degenerative conditions.

Physical and emotional trauma, like scars from surgery or severe emotional events, can cause the nervous system to become hyper-activated. Symptoms of hyper-activated nervous system often manifest as chronic pain in a region or part of the body that is not easily explained by tests. For example, perhaps one side of the body always seems to get injured. Also, chronic, difficult-to-treat emotional stress, like chronic irritability or unexplained anxiety or depression, can stem from this dysregulation.

The nervous system stores stress from chronic or severe events in tissue. If not healed quickly, the stressed tissues, known as interference fields, turn into chronic sources of nervous system irritation and pain.

Neural therapy is an injection technique that uses procaine (aka novocaine), an anesthetic, to reset and restore dysregulated nerve pathways. With a series of injections into scars or area of dysregulation, the nervous system can be reset and the stress on the nervous system can be released.

Often times the scar will lighten or diminish, indicating the restoration of normal nerve cell membrane function. Improvement in cellular metabolism creates healthier tissue that helps stabilize the nervous system, thus supporting whole body health.

As health practitioners, we’re committed to restoring health and neural therapy is a useful addition to our multi-pronged approach. Along with a healthy diet, exercise, targeted supplementation and a patient-specific treatment protocol, neural therapy can play an important role in healing.