Mark Hyman’s Eat Fat, Get Thin

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Mark Hyman's Eat Fat, Get Thin

You might have heard us talking about the fact that healthy fats are good for you, and that a global fear of fat led to an obesity epidemic. Well, my friend and colleague Dr. Hyman debunks the fat-phobic movement once and for all in his latest book, Eat Fat, Get Thin. Get his perspective on losing weight, reversing chronic disease, and staying healthy by eating…fat! We love this book because it untangles the confusing research on dietary fat, debunks the “eating fat, makes you fat” myth, provides advice on getting more accurate blood tests, and clarifies which types of fats (and which types of full-fat foods) are great choices. All this great information culminates in a 3-stage plan with delicious recipes sure to satisfy. We think this is a great addition to your Healthy Living Library!