Healthier in 30 Days

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At the Morrison Center, we call this the Daily Benefit® Detox. It’s a simple formula for success where we begin choosing nutritious whole foods that naturally “crowd out” food groups and processed foods that create inflammation, the underlying cause of all things that make us feel unwell. We then round out your nutritional profile and support liver detoxification with our Daily Benefit® 30-Day Detox Set. Whether it’s a feeling of sluggishness, mental fogginess, gastrointestinal distress, fatigue or symptoms like joint pain, weight gain or dry skin, a diet that replenishes our cells with vital nutrients can have us feeling recharged by month’s end.

Just 30 days to bring your weight down and your energy up, your hair and skin glowing, your focus and memory sharper. 

Take a look at our research paper which shows that when people follow this program, they generally feel about 66% better and, if weight loss is a goal, they’re able to lose an average of 9 pounds over 4 weeks! It’s so exciting to see people going through this program enjoy actual results.Symptom Improvement

Average Weight Loss/Time

There are many detox trends out there from juice cleanses to “teatoxes.” A few days of nutritious juices and herbal infusions are effective for dealing with the first principle of detoxification: removing inflammatory and processed foods. Where they fall short is that they don’t replace those foods with a diet that’s sustainable. A 30-day plan of organic whole foods gives your body the chance to detoxify properly and heal from the inflammatory effects of sugar-laden holiday treats, sweetened cocktails, and other holiday fares. It’s all laid out for you in a handy program guide that comes free when you purchase one of our Daily Benefit® Detox Sets.

To learn more about how the Daily Benefit® Detox can improve your health and your outlook for 2016, call 212-989-9828 for a free consultation with a Morrison Center Health Coach.