Dr. Morrison’s Detox Download at The Functional Forum

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In December 2015, Dr. Morrison was honored to speak at the Functional Forum, an internationally recognized institute dedicated to the sharing of knowledge and ideas by the world’s leaders in Functional Medicine. The subject of Dr. Morrison’s informative presentation was body detoxification, a wide-ranging and often confusing topic given the number of articles that appear in popular magazines. In this twenty-minute talk, Dr. Morrison sorts it all out for you by discussing the underlying principles of detoxification as well as his tested method for achieving optimal results. 

“It’s very important to find the underlying cause of a person’s problem, and once you find that problem, there’s lots to do about it.” – Dr. Morrison


To learn about Dr. Morrison’s method to helps his patients detoxify, check out his Daily Benefit® Detox Program to help improve your health, or call 212-989-9828 for a free consultation with a Morrison Center Health Coach.