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Q&A with Dr. Morrison
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It was so great sitting down to chat with the office of Dr. Jame Fowler! We discussed how eating a vegetable-centric diet can help you heal faster, how to lessen chronic joint pain, and the one thing everyone should be … Read More

Fall Immune Defense Strategy by TMC
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Dear Patients, Many of you have been asking for our opinions on how to prepare your immune systems for your upcoming Fall and Winter months. Our recommendations are meant for all patients regardless of where you live in the country. … Read More

Releasing Trapped Emotions with The Emotion Code
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By Stephanie Mandel, BCHN, NC, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and EFT Tapping Coach What is Emotion Code Therapy? If you are experiencing physical or emotional symptoms — or both — there may be “stuck” emotions in the subconscious mind playing … Read More

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